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Ham Radio Accessories

Icom HM-174
Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-92AD
Icom RS-BA1
IP Remote Control Software
Icom SP-33
Base Speaker
MFJ 1046
Passive Preselector
MFJ 1275
Sound Card Interface 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 1275M
Sound Card Interface RJ-45 Modular Mic
MFJ 4225MV
25A Adjustable Voltage Switching Power Supply
MFJ 752D
Dual Tunable SSB/CW Filter
Powerwerx Powerpole Bag
150 Piece Assorted 15/30/45A Anderson Powerpole Case, Crimper and Bag
Vibroplex 200
Code Warrior Jr Key
Yaesu FH-2
Wired Remote Keypad for most current Yaesu HF Radios (See description)
Yaesu YH-77STA
Stereo Headphones
MFJ 4125P
25A Switching Power Supply with PowerPoles
West Mountain RR/4004/USBC
Basic DC Panel 4 Outlets, 2 USB Ports
Pro Micro Single Side Headset for Icom Radios
Microphone Preamplifier
Astron N2412-24
28V Aircraft Power Inverter
Heil HM-IC
Handi-Mic with Electret Element for Icom