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Ham Radio Accessories

Green Light Labs GPS-710
Plug-and-Play GPS for the Kenwood 710-Series
Heil BM-10-Dynamic
Headset with Dynamic Mic Element
Icom FL-100
9 MHz 500 Hz Filter for R-75
Icom HM-174
Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-92AD
Kenwood DRU-3A
Digital Recording Unit for TS-2000 / TS-570 / TS-870
MFJ 1279
Super Sound Card Interface 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 1279M
Super Sound Card Interface RJ-45 Modular Mic
West Mountain RR/4012/C
DC Power Panel, 12 Power Pole Outlets, 40A Max
Samlex SEC-1235
30A Switching Power Supply
Heil PL-2T
"Topless" Pro Studio Boom
Bluetooth Kit for FTM-10R includes BH1, BU1 & CAB1
Astron RS-20A
Simple Power Supply
Astron SS-25
Switching Power Supply
Bencher BY-1
Iambic Key Black Base & Chrome Components
Icom FL-223
9 MHz 1.9 kHz Filter for R-75
Icom UT-106
DSP Unit for IC-718/R-75/R2500
Kenwood YF-107C
500 Hz CW Filter for TS-480
Kenwood YF-107CN
270 Hz CW Filter for TS-480