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Ham Radio Accessories

Heil PRO-SET-6
Proset with HC-6 "Full Range" Element
Icom CT-17
CI-V Level Converter
Icom MB-2730R-1
Glass mount remote head kit with main unit bracket
Icom SM-30
Desktop Microphone with 8-pin Round Connector
Kenwood KPS-15
23A DC Switching Power Supply for Kenwood HF/Mobile Radios
MFJ 624E
Phone Patch with VU Meter 8-pin Round or Modular
West Mountain PG-40S
Super PWRgate Backup Power System
Yaesu CD-24
Battery Charger for FNB78 Batteries; 4 hours
Yaesu FNB-78
4.5AH Battery for Yaesu FT897 Series
Yaesu MH-85A11U
Speaker Microphone with Camera for FT1DR&FTM400DR
One BIG Punch Speech Compressor Mh-31A8J Mic
2.3 kHz SSB Filter for Yaesu FT-817/857 and FT-897 Series
Samlex SEC-1235M
30A Switching Power Supply
Astron SS-30
Switching Power Supply
Heil BM-10-Dynamic
Headset with Dynamic Mic Element
Icom FL-100
9 MHz 500 Hz Filter for R-75
Kenwood DRU-3A
Digital Recording Unit for TS-2000 / TS-570 / TS-870
MFJ 1279
Super Sound Card Interface 8-pin Round Mic