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Microphones / Headsets

Proset with "iC" Electret Element for non-PRO Icom
Kenwood MC-60A
Desktop Microphone
Yaesu MD-100A8X
Desk Mic for 8 pin/Modular Yaesu HF Radios
Heil PR-781
Proline Dynamic Microphone
Heil PSE-6
Proset Elite with HC-6 "Full Range" Element
Proset Elite with "iC" Element for non-PRO Icom
Heil PR-781G
Proline Dynamic Microphone with Gold Screen
Kenwood MC-90
DSP Compatible Desk Microphone
Icom SM-50
Dynamic Desktop Microphone with 8-pin Round Connector
Heil PR-10-Package
Desk Mic with Stand
Heil PRO-7
Heil Industrial headset with dynamic mic; Black
Heil PRO-7-IC
Heil Industrial headset with Icom mic cartridge; Black
Heil PR-40
Wide Range/Large Diameter Studio Microphone
Yaesu MD-200A8X
Deluxe Desk Mic for 8 pin/Modular Yaesu HF Radios