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Microphones / Headsets

Jetstream JTM-EXR
8 Pin Round Microphone Extension Cable
Kenwood KHS-22
Product ID : KENKHS22
Behind-the-Head Headset for Kenwood Handhelds
Kenwood MC-43S
Product ID : KENMC43S
Replacement 8-pin Round HF Hand Microphone
Kenwood MC-47
Product ID : KENMC47
8-pin Round Hand Microphone with Function Buttons for Kenwood HF Radios
Kenwood MC-59
Product ID : KENMC59
8-pin Modular 16-Key Microphone for Kenwood FM Mobiles
Kenwood MC-60A
Product ID : KENMC60A
Desktop Microphone
Kenwood MC-90
Product ID : KENMC90
DSP Compatible Desk Microphone
MFJ 1263
Product ID : MFJ1263
Microphone Control Center
MFJ 288I
Product ID : MFJ288I
Icom Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288K
Product ID : MFJ288K
Kenwood Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288Y
Product ID : MFJ288Y
Older Yaesu Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 297
Product ID : MFJ297
Desk Microphone with Flexible Boom
MFJ 5397I
Product ID : MFJ5397I
Icom 8-pin Round Mic Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397K
Product ID : MFJ5397K
Kenwood 8-pin Round Mic Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397MX
Product ID : MFJ5397MX
8-pin Modular Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397MY
Product ID : MFJ5397MY
Yaesu 8-pin Modular Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397Y
Product ID : MFJ5397Y
Yaesu 8-pin Round Cable for MFJ-296
Product ID : W4RMH31OBP
One BIG Punch Speech Compressor Mh-31A8J Mic