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Microphones / Headsets

Heil RS-1
Product ID : HEIRS1
12 inch Riser
Heil SB-2
Product ID : HEISB2
Small Microphone Boom
Heil SM-1
Product ID : HEISM1
Shock Mount
Heil TM-1
Product ID : HEITM1
Product ID : HEIUSBQ
Microphone Preamplifier
Heil WM-1
Product ID : HEIWM1
Wall Mount
Heil WSPR-40
Product ID : HEIWSPR40
Windscreen for the PR-40 Microphone
Heil XT-1
Product ID : HEIXT1
High to Low Impedance Matching Transformer
Icom HM-133V
Product ID : ICOHM133V
DTMF Hand Microphone for the IC-V8000/2200H/2300H
Icom HM-154
Product ID : ICOHM154
Simple Hand Microphone for Icom Mobiles
Icom HM-154T
Product ID : ICOHM154T
DTMF Hand Microphone/RJ45 plug for IC-703/706/7000/7100/2820H/ID-1
Icom HM-36
Product ID : ICOHM36
Replacement Hand Microphone for Icom Radios with 8-pin Round Connector
Icom HS-85
Product ID : ICOHS85
Headset with Vox/PTT for IC-V82/U82/80AD/91A/92AD
Icom HS-94
Product ID : ICOHS94
Behind-the-Head Headset
Icom SM-30
Product ID : ICOSM30
Desktop Microphone with 8-pin Round Connector
Icom SM-50
Product ID : ICOSM50
Dynamic Desktop Microphone with 8-pin Round Connector
Icom SP-13
Product ID : ICOSP13
Jetstream JTM-EX
8 Pin Modular Microphone Extension Cable