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Microphones / Headsets

Icom HS-85
Headset with Vox/PTT for IC-V82/U82/80AD/91A/92AD
Yaesu BU-2
Bluetooth Adapter Board
Heil HMM
Hand Mic
Heil HMM-iC
Hand Mic for Icom radios
Icom HM-154T
DTMF Hand Microphone/RJ45 plug for IC-703/706/7000/7100/2820H/ID-1
Yaesu MH-59A8J
Remote Control DTMF Mic for Yaesu FT857/897 Series
Heil SM-1
Shock Mount
Heil PMS-6
Pro Micro Single Side Headset
Yaesu SSM-64A
VOX Headset for threaded single pin Yaesu Radios
Yaesu VC-24
VOX Headset for threaded single pin Yaesu Radios
Heil CB-1-PTT
Classic Base
Heil HB-1
Economy Microphone Boom
Heil HM-12
GENESIS Full Range Microphone
MFJ 297
Desk Microphone with Flexible Boom
Yaesu MH-36E8J
DTMF Microphone for FT817/857/897 Series Radios
Yaesu MH-48A6JA
Extra Hand Mic for select Yaesu Radios
Yaesu VC-25
VOX Headset for single pin non-threaded Yaesu Radios
Kenwood MC-43S
Replacement 8-pin Round HF Hand Microphone