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Heil XT-1
High to Low Impedance Matching Transformer
Jetstream JTM-EX
8 Pin Modular Microphone Extension Cable
Jetstream JTM-EXR
8 Pin Round Microphone Extension Cable
MFJ 1263
Microphone Control Center
MFJ 288I
Icom Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288K
Kenwood Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 288Y
Older Yaesu Deluxe Headset/Microphone
MFJ 5397I
Icom 8-pin Round Mic Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397K
Kenwood 8-pin Round Mic Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397MX
8-pin Modular Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397MY
Yaesu 8-pin Modular Cable for MFJ-297
MFJ 5397Y
Yaesu 8-pin Round Cable for MFJ-296
One BIG Punch Speech Compressor
Bluetooth Kit for FTM-10R includes BH1, BU1 & CAB1
Yaesu BTK-5
Bluetooth Kit for FTM-35R/AR and VX8DR; includes BH2A, BU1, NC85B & CD40
Yaesu BU-2
Bluetooth Adapter Board
Yaesu CT-131
Convert Yaesu Single Pin Connection to New Yaesu Waterproof Speaker/Mic...
Yaesu CT-44
2 pin speaker/mic to non-threaded Yaesu single pin Speaker/Mic Adapter
Yaesu CT-91
Dual Pin to single pin threaded Yaesu connector.