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Digital Communications / APRS

Timewave PK-232SC Plus
Multimode Data Controller with USB Sound Card
Timewave PK-232/PSK
Multimode Data Controller with Serial Port
Kantronics KAM XL
Multi-Mode DSP Controller
Kantronics KPC-9612 PLUS
Multi-Mode Data Controller
Timewave Navigator
Sound Card Modem
Kenwood RC-D710
APRS TNC Upgrade
Internet Labs DV-AP-70
D-Star 440 MHz Repeater Computer Interface
Internet Labs DV-AP
D-Star 2M Repeater Computer Interface
Timewave PK-96/100/USB
9600/1200 Packet TNC with USB Port
Timewave PK-96/100K
9600/1200 Packet TNC with Serial Port
Internet Labs DV-DONGLE
D-Star Computer Interface
Kantronics KPC-3 PLUS
Multi-Mode Data Controller
Alinco EJ-47U
Digital Voice Board
Icom UT-118
D-Star Digital Unit for IC-2200H/V82/U82/R2500 **Special Order**
Icom UT-123
D-Star Digital / GPS Unit for IC-2820H
Icom UT-121
D-Star Digital Unit for IC-91A/9100
Yaesu HRI-100
Amateur Radio Internet Linking Kit
Alinco EJ-41U
TNC Add-on board for select Alinco Mobiles.