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Computer / Soundcard Interface / TNC

MFJ 5065YH
KAM/KPC3 HF TNC to Icom 13-pin DIN
MFJ 5080YV
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Yaesu 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 5082
Open End 8-pin Round Mic Cable
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Icom 8-pin Modular Mic
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Kenwood 8-pin Modular Mic
MFJ 5086YV
KAM/KPC3 VHF TNC to Kenwood 8-pin Round Mic
MFJ 5429
RS-232 Serial to USB Adapter
MFJ 890
DX Beacon Monitor
RT Systems RTS-03
USB to Serial Port Adapter
RT Systems USB-RTS-05
D-Star Data Cable
Signalink SL-USB-13I
SignaLink USB 13-pin DIN for Icom
Signalink SL-USB-13K
SignaLink USB 13-pin DIN for Kenwood
Signalink SL-USB-5PD
SignaLink USB 5-pin DIN
Signalink SL-USB-6PM
SignaLink USB 6-pin DIN
Signalink SL-USB-8PD
SignaLink USB 8-pin DIN
Signalink SL-USB-8R
SignaLink USB 8-pin Round Mic Connector
West Mountain CATMINI/CBL
Rig Ctrl Cable for CAT Radios
West Mountain CIV/CBL
Rig Control Cable for Icom Radios