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MFJ 1734
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Price: $44.95
Product ID : MFJ1734
Manufacturer: MFJ
Milwaukee: In stock
Orlando: In stock
Cleveland: In stock
Las Vegas: In stock
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Item Description

2M / 440 MHz Dual Band Glass Mount Antenna

Detailed Description

Its easy to install on glass windows or other non-conductive surfaces.
A small 6 inch counterpoise mounted inside your vehicle lowers SWR and makes tuning easy. Tuning for minimum SWR is conveniently done inside your vehicle lowers SWR and makes tuning easy. Tuning for minimum SWR is conveniently done inside your vehicle. Tuning tool included.
Its perfect for your dual band mobile or HT.
MFJs exclusive 26 inch stainless steel SlimLineRadiator minimizes wind vibration for less SWR flutter -- gives you longer range and better readability.
Handles 50 Watts. Includes 12 feet of coax, cleaning pad and all mounting hardware.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Swilk
03/01/2014 - 08:05:32 AM
No cleaning pad, online manual misleading.
mfj1734 , package came from AES milwaukee some 90 miles away and the box looked like it had gone thru a war zone. The vinyl folder containing the antenna was ok but the element was slightly bent. No cleaning pad supplied in package . I dont think its AES' fault pad wasnt supplied . Its MFJ being cheap. I would recommend using " sunnys" brand alcohol from hardware store and not rubbing alcohol from your med cabinet . Use the rest of the sunnys for starting your charcoal this summer. Its Too cold to put the antenna on car yet .The spot its going on is a dark tint ( chevy factory ). This has worked before . I will take the advice and let the adhesive set for 24 hours before putting the antenna whip on to gain bond strength. The primary reason I am using product is Stealth. since our local simplex group has imploded , i dont need the 5/8ths VHF high band setup on the " new" car . Which is parked in some really bad " hoods" in chicago when I am on the job. This antenna has worked well in past installations hitting repeaters , and I can stretch into the 460 mhz band when needed :)
Reviewed by gbicknaver
gbicknaver bought "MFJ 1734" on our website
01/04/2014 - 05:42:25 PM
MFJ? MF Junk
Ireceived my replacement MFJ 1734 and after opening the package and inspecting the antenna, I noticed that the inside coupling box had an adhesive pad attached to it, but the antenna mounting plate didn't have one on it, nor was it included in the package. Come on Martin Jue, I buy a $45.00 antenna from your company and you can't even include the adhesive pad for the antenna? What happened to "Includes 12 feet of coax, cleaning pad and ALL mounting hardware"?

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