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MFJ 1721
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Price: $12.95
Product ID : MFJ1721
Manufacturer: MFJ
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Item Description

2M UltraLite BNC Mag Mount Antenna

Detailed Description

This UltraLite 2M mag mount antenna has 12 ft. of RG-174U coax with a BNC connector. Weights less then 2 oz. but holds on with an 1/8" rare earth magnet. The whip is thin, flexible and 20 inches long. Handles 50W on 2M and comes with a PL-259 adapter to connect to your mobile radio at lower power.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jzorns
jzorns bought "MFJ 1721" on our website
07/05/2013 - 12:33:50 AM
Great antenna, best buy for a 1/4 wave 2m antenna.
As with all MFJ stuff, the price is good and so is the quality. This is American made, and their ad copy is not overly optimistic.

I use this as my humble base station antenna. My radio is the Icom IC-V80. I live in a ground floor apartment. I put this antenna on my window unit air conditioner. The repeater is 4.8 miles away. With this antenna and either 2.5 W or 5.5 W, I hit the repeater full quieting. At 1/2 W, I hit it 70% quieting. The repeater antenna is 100' above ground. Impressive, no?

If you cannot bear to put the MFJ 2m-5/8 wave, 6m-1/4 wave antenna on your car due to the length, this is the next best thing. It doesn't perform as well, but it is not so conspicuous either. The base is smaller in diameter and height. The whip is narrower and shorter, and painted black. The cable is thinner.

If you had only an HT, this antenna, and some ferrous metal plate to use as a ground plane to pop this antenna onto, you'd be in fairly good shape for a good performing but simple mobile set-up. It could work on the car, from the apartment, on a hilltop, etc.

Again, the 5/8 wave 2m peforms probably 35% better, but if size and conspicuity are important, and there is no doubt you can hit the repeaters you want, then this is a good option.

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