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Yaesu MTU-80/40/DS
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Price: $433.95
Product ID : YAEMTU80/40/DS
Manufacturer: Yaesu
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Item Description

80/40M External High-Q Tuning unit for the FTDX9000CONT & FTDX9000MP

Detailed Description

The µ-Tune modules are very sharp RF filters that are built into the front end of the Main Receiver of the FTDX9000D. They are available as options for the Contest and MP versions, and the model numbers are MTU-160, MTU-80/40, and MTU-30/20, corresponding to the Amateur bands they cover.

The µ-Tune modules themselves consist of a stack of ferrite cores that are passed through a silver-plated coil, resulting in a Q of over 300. This corresponds to a typical 3 dB bandwidth of ±12.5 kHz, and remember that this is an RF bandwidth, not an IF or audio passband.

The result of this narrow bandwidth is that all the active components of the main receiver are protected against intermodulation and blocking to a degree not found in any other Amateur transceiver. If you owned an FT-901DM, FT-101ZD, or older Collins or Drake equipment, they contained a receiver preselector that was intended to serve the same purpose. However, previous designs had a 3 dB bandwidth of several hundred kHz, not two dozen kHz!

The µ-Tune modules are adjusted using a precision stepper motor, and they automatically follow you around the band as you tune the VFO. But you also can skew the tuning so as to roll off interfering strong stations closer than 12.5 kHz, if you find yourself in a difficult RF interference situation.

AES does not stock these units as they are not user installable. It's recommended you order them when you order your radio.

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