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Connectors / Adapters

Yaesu CN-3
BNC Female to SMA Male Adapter
Amphenol 31-012
BNC Male Connector for RG59 and RG8X
MFJ 7735
3/8-24 Fold-Over Antenna Mount
Cable X-Perts 6633S
Type-N Connector
Cable X-Perts UG-3634
SO-239 Double Female Connector 4 In. Long
MFJ 5213
Open End Kenwood 13-pin DIN Cable
Amphenol 82-202-1006
N Male Connector for RG8214/9913/9913F
Amphenol 34025
Amphenol 83-1J
SO-239 to SO-239 Adapter.
Comet HB-05
18" BNC Female to SMA Male
Comet HM-05
18" SO-239 to BNC Male Adapter Cable
Comet HS-05
18" SO-239 to SMA Male Adapter Cable
Comet AD-25M
SO-239 (UHF) Mount to NMO Mount Adapter
Comet HM-05-JSJ
18" SO-239 to SMA Female Adapter Cable
Cable X-Perts UG-3636
SO-239 Double Female Connector 6 In. Long
Amphenol 83-1AP
SO-239 to PL-259 Right Angle Adapter
Comet AD-35M
3/8-24 to UHF Mount Adapter
Comet HS-10
39" SO-239 to SMA Male Adapter Cable