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Yaesu ADMS-VX177
Programming Software and USB Cable for Yaesu VX-177
Pryme RD-98SMA
2M/70CM 17" Slim SMA Antenna
Icom MB-106
Carrying Handle for IC-7000
Icom CS-RX7
Windows Programming Software for RX-7
ARRL 0246
2014-2015 TravelPlus for Repeaters CD-ROM
Jetstream JTM-HF12
12M 300 KHz Bandwidth Mobile HF Stick
MFJ 66
Dip Meter Adapter for MFJ Analyzer
Velleman VT-HD03U
62 Piece Rechargeable Precision Drill
Yaesu LCC-150S/TT
Leather Carrying Case with Swivel for VX150 and FT250
Winegard CX-6100
RG-6 75 ohm TV Coaxial Cable 100 ft.
Nifty Guides MM-TMD710A
24 Page Mini-Manual
Icom BC-119-N11
Desktop Charger (requires adapter cup)
Icom OPC-742
AT-180 and Amplifier Adapter Cable for IC-7000
Icom RS-91
Remote Control Software for IC-91A
Nifty Guides MM-BCD396XT
24 Page Mini-Manual and Tri-folded Quick Reference Card Combo
Nifty Guides MM-BCD996XT
26 Page Mini-Manual
Nifty Guides MM-VX8R
22 Page Mini-Manual and Tri-folded Quick Reference Card Combo
Yaesu CT-143
Serial Data Cable for VX8GR