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**Buy this and you won't be a dummy!** Ham Radio for Dummies
Philmore BE-240
Universal AC/DC Adapter
Vanco PP-3M
Coax Patch Cable
Alinco SW-596
Programming Software for Alinco DJ-596T Handheld
ARRL 7881
ARRL Periodicals CD-ROM 1999
ARRL 9574
ARRL Periodicals CD-ROM 2005
Green Light Labs SEP-710-6
6" Separation Cable Kit
Icom CS-208
Windows Programming Software for IC-208H
Icom MB-103
Spring Loaded Belt Clip for A-24/IC-V82/U82
Yaesu ADMS-VX177
Programming Software and USB Cable for Yaesu VX-177
Yaesu CT-141
Packet Cable for FTM350 Series; Din8 to Din6
Radiowavz J8X-U3
3 ft. RG8X Coax with PL-259 Connectors
MFJ 292I
Earphone Microphone for Icom Handhelds
Nifty Guides MM-FT7800R
12 Page Mini-Manual
Nifty Guides MM-MFJ269
8 Page Mini-Manual
Winegard CX-0650
RG-6 75 ohm TV Coaxial Cable 50 ft.
Yaesu CSC-95
Carrying Case for VX8GR
Yaesu CT-M10
20' Separation Cable for Yaesu FTM10R