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Yaesu SP-8
External Speaker with Audio Filters; Matches FT1000MKV/MKVFIELD
M2 Antennas PS-2M
2M Polarity Switch Kit
MFJ 249B
1.8-170 MHz SWR Analyzer with out Meters
Uniden BC-346XT
TrunkTracker III Compact Handheld Scanner
Yaesu FP-30
Internal Power Supply for FT897 Series
Icom ID-31A
440MHz FM & D-Star Ready HT with GPS
Yaesu FT-1DR-B-HD
**Close-out!** 2M/70cm Digital Handheld Transceiver, 1800mAh battery...
Icom IC-2730A
**Close-out!** $15 Instant...
Kenwood TH-F6A
**Close-out!** $30 Instant...
JSC 3500-500
RG-8/U (Equiv. 9913) Coax Cable 500 ft.
Palstar ZM-30
**Such a deal!** Antenna Analyzer
MFJ 1798
10-Band No-radials 20 ft. tall Vertical, Covers 75/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6/2M
Yaesu FT-8800R
**Close-out!** 2M/440MHz 50/35W FM Mobile
Palstar DL-2K
2000W Dry Dummy Load
Uniden BCD-396XT
**Close-out!** TrunkTracker IV APCO 25 Compact Handheld Digital Scanner
Uniden BCD-996XT
**Close-out!** TrunkTracker IV Mobile Scanner with GPS Support (GPS...
Icom ID-51A
**Close-out!** Dual-Band D-Star HT
Icom ID-51A LE Blue
**Close-out!** Dual-Band D-Star HT Limited Edition - Blue