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MFJ 1048
**Don't be passive about buying this!** Passive Preselector
Icom HM-174
Waterproof Speaker Microphone for IC-92AD
Icom HS-85
Headset with Vox/PTT for IC-V82/U82/80AD/91A/92AD
Icom RMK-7000-F1
Icom Remote Mounting Kit for Icom IC7000
Icom FL-101
9 MHz 250 Hz Filter for R-75
La Crosse WS-1612CH-IT
Professional Weather Center
Bluetooth Kit for FTM-10R includes BH1, BU1 & CAB1
Bencher YA-1
52 ohm Low Pass Filter; 1.8-29.7 MHz
Green Light Labs GPS-710
Plug-and-Play GPS for the Kenwood 710-Series
Alinco DJ-V57T
2M/440MHz FM Dual Band HT
Yaesu CD-24
Battery Charger for FNB78 Batteries; 4 hours
Yaesu FNB-78
4.5AH Battery for Yaesu FT897 Series
Ameritron AWM-35
1.8-30 MHz Mobile SWR/Power Meter
Cobra 148GTL
**Own a Classic!** AM & SSB Mobile CB Radio
MFJ 209
1.8-170 MHz SWR Analyzer
Yaesu HRI-100
Amateur Radio Internet Linking Kit
Yaesu XF-126CN
**CW op must have!** 300Hz CW Roofing Filter for FTDX5000 & FTDX5000D
JSC 3500-250
RG-8/U (Equiv. 9913) Coax Cable 250 ft.