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Yaesu CT-143
Product ID : YAECT143
Serial Data Cable for VX8GR
Yaesu CT-144
Product ID : YAECT144
Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for VX8GR
Yaesu CT-53
Product ID : YAECT53
Packet Radio Cable for Select Yaesu Handhelds (See description for model list)
Yaesu CT-M10
Product ID : YAECTM10
20' Separation Cable for Yaesu FTM10R
Yaesu FP-30
Product ID : YAEFP30
Internal Power Supply for FT897 Series
Alinco DJ-V57T
Product ID : ALIDJV57T
2M/440MHz FM Dual Band HT
Alinco EME-13
Product ID : ALIEME13
Headset (earbud style) with PTT/VOX for Alinco radios.
Alinco EME-15
Product ID : ALIEME15
Earphone with tie-pin mic (PTT/VOX) for Alinco radios.
Alinco EME-24
Product ID : ALIEME24
Earphone with tie-pin mic for Alinco DJ-C4T/C5T/C7T.
Alinco SW-596
Product ID : ALISW596
Programming Software for Alinco DJ-596T Handheld
Alinco SW-620
Product ID : ALISW620
Programming Software for Alinco DR135/235/435/620/635
Icom BON CS-4.5
Product ID : ICOBONCS4.5
Bonito Software for R-1500/2500
Icom CS-208
Product ID : ICOCS208
Windows Programming Software for IC-208H
Icom CS-2820
Product ID : ICOCS2820
Windows Programming Software for IC-2820H
Icom CS-R5
Product ID : ICOCSR5
Windows Programming Software for R-5
Icom CS-RX7
Product ID : ICOCSRX7
Windows Programming Software for RX-7
Icom CS-V82
Product ID : ICOCSV82
Windows Programming Software for IC-V82
Icom CS-V85
Product ID : ICOCSV85
Windows Programming Software for IC-V85