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Diamond BC-103
VHF Wideband Vertical Antenna; 136-174 MHz
Comet DS-150S
6M-1.2GHz Scanner Base Discone Antenna
Diamond Antenna D-130J
50-1300 200W Discone Antenna; SO-239
Diamond Antenna D-130NJ
50-1300 200W Discone Antenna; Female N-Connector
Diamond Antenna D-220
100-1600 MHz Mobile Discone Antenna
Diamond Antenna D-3000N
25-3000 MHz Super Discone Antenna; N Connector
Diamond Antenna RH-789
93-1100 MHz Telescopic Adjustable BNC Antenna
Hustler DCL-B
40-950 MHz Scanner Discone Antenna; 50' of Coax to BNC Male
Hustler DCX
40-950 MHz Scanner Discone Antenna; UHF Connector
Hustler MOR-B
3/4 in. Roof or Deck Mount Mobile Scanner Antenna
Hustler MOT-B
Trunk Lip Mount Mobile Scanner Antenna
Hustler MRM-B
Magnet Mount Mobile Scanner Antenna
Icom AH-8000
Multi-Purpose Discone Antenna
Collinear Scanner Mobile Antenna
Larsen NMO-150/450/800
Scanner/Business Band NMO Mobile Antenna
Larsen NMO-900B
900 MHz 12.75" Black Mobile Antenna; NMO Mount