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Hustler THF
Product ID : HUSTHF
140-500 (Tunable) ¼ wave Trunk Mount Antenna
Hustler UGM
Product ID : HUSUGM
140-500 (Tunable) ¼ wave Magnet Mount Antenna
Icom AH-8000
Product ID : ICOAH8000
Multi-Purpose Discone Antenna
Laird AB-FT
Product ID : ANXABFT
118-896 MHz Broadband 1/4-Wave Mobile Antenna
Collinear Scanner Mobile Antenna
Laird BB-1442N
Product ID : ANXBB1442N
2M 5/8-Wave No Ground Plane Mobile Antenna
Laird BB-1443
Product ID : ANXBB1443
2M Wideband Mobile Antenna
Laird BB-4303
Product ID : ANXBB4303
440 MHz 5/8-Wave Mobile Antenna
Laird CB-144/440C
Product ID : ANXCB144/440C
Collinear Dualband 2M / 440 MHz Mobile Antenna
Laird CWB-1443
Product ID : ANXCWB1443
2M 5/8-Wave Mobile Antenna
Laird CWB-4405C
Product ID : ANXCWB4405C
440 MHz Wideband Collinear Mobile Antenna
Laird TRAB-4303
Product ID : ANXTRAB4303
440 MHz Phantom Mobile Antenna
Laird TRABT-1420
Product ID : ANXTRABT1420
2M Phantom Mobile Antenna
Larsen KG-144UDPL
Product ID : LARKG144UDPL
2M High-Performance Glass Mount Antenna
Larsen KG-2/70CXPL
Product ID : LARKG2/70CXPL
2M/70cm Glass Mount Antenna
Larsen NMO-150/450/800
Product ID : LARNMO150450800
Scanner/Business Band NMO Mobile Antenna
Larsen NMO-150B
Product ID : LARNMO150B
2M 5/8 Wave NMO Mount Antenna; Black Base and Black Whip
Larsen NMO-150C
Product ID : LARNMO150C
2M 5/8 Wave NMO Mount Antenna; Black Base and Chrome Whip