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M2 Antennas 6M-5XHP
6M 5-Element Yagi Antenna
M2 Antennas 6M-7JHV
6M 7-Element Yagi Antenna
M2 Antennas 6M-HO-LOOP
6M HO Loop Antenna
M2 Antennas EB-144/RK-2M
2M (135-150MHz) Eggbeater with Reflector Kit
M2 Antennas EB-432/RK-70CM
432 MHz (420-450) Eggbeater with Reflector kit
Pryme AL-800
2M/70cm Telescopic BNC antenna
Pryme RD-8
2M/70cm 7.5" BNC Antenna
Pryme RD-98
2M/70CM 17" Slim BNC Antenna
Pryme RD-98SMA
2M/70CM 17" Slim SMA Antenna
Radiowavz 10MC/BALUN
10M Tuned Dipole Antenna; 17 ft. Long
Radiowavz 12MC/BALUN
12M Tuned Dipole Antenna; 19 ft. Long
Radiowavz 15MC/BALUN
15M Tuned Dipole Antenna; 22 ft. Long
Radiowavz 160MC/BALUN
160M Tuned Dipole Antenna; 250 ft. Long
Radiowavz 160M-DBZ
160M Double Bazooka Antenna; 265 ft. Long
Radiowavz 17MC/BALUN
17M Tuned Dipole Antenna; 26 ft. Long
Radiowavz 20MC/BALUN
20M Tuned Dipole Antenna; 32 ft. Long
Radiowavz 30MC/BALUN
30M Tuned Dipole Antenna 46 ft. Long
Radiowavz 40MC/BALUN
40M Tuned Dipole Antenna 66 ft. Long