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Wouxun WXSTB-S155
2M/440 MHz Stubby Antenna
Comet SMA-209J
2M/440 3" Antenna; Reverse SMA
Diamond Antenna RHF-10
2M/440 2.75" Flexible BNC Duck
Diamond Antenna SRHF-10
2M/440 2.75" Flexible SMA Duck
Diamond Antenna SRJF-10
2M/440 2.75" Reverse SMA Antenna
Diamond Antenna RH-77CA
2M/440 15" BNC Rubber Duck Antenna with receive to 900 MHz
Diamond Antenna SRH-77CA
2M/440 15" SMA Antenna
Maldol MH-209
2M/440 3" Flexible Duck; BNC Connector
Maldol MH-209SMA
2M/440 3" Flexible Duck; SMA Connector
Comet BNC-24
2M/70cm 17" Super Flexible Antenna; BNC Connector
Comet SMA-24
2M/70cm 17" Super Flexible Antenna; SMA Connector
Comet SMA-24J
2M/70cm 17" Super Flexible Antenna; Reverse SMA Connector for Chinese HTs
Diamond Antenna RH-519
2M/440 8" BNC Flexible Whip Antenna
Diamond Antenna SRJ-77CA
2M/440 15" Reverse SMA Antenna
Diamond SRH-701
2M/70cm 7.5" Duck Antenna; SMA Male Connector
Pryme RD-98
2M/70CM 17" Slim BNC Antenna
Comet CH-75
2m/70cm 15" Rubber Duck Antenna; BNC Connector
Diamond Antenna RH-3
2m/70cm 1.75" BNC Antenna