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Antenna Accessories

Comet CF-360A
HF/6m-440 Duplexer with leads
Comet CF-360B
HF/6m-440 Duplexer
Comet CF-4130B
HF-440 / 800mhz-1400mhz duplexer
Comet CF-413B
HF-460mhz / 840-1400mhz
Comet CF-4160I
HF-2m/440 Duplexer
Comet CF-4160J
2M/440 Duplexer.  UHF connectors.
Comet CF-4160K
2M/440 Duplexer  SO239/ 2 PL-259's
Comet CF-4160N
HF-2m/350-540mhz; Type N Duplexer.
Comet CF-416A
2m/440 Duplexer
Comet CF-416B
2m/440 UHF/Type N duplexer
Comet CF-416C
2m/440 Duplexer; Type N and UHF Connectors
Comet CF-416W
HF-2m/400-1400mhz duplexer with leads
Comet CF-530
HF-6m/2-440 Duplexer with leads.
Comet CF-530C
Backwards Duplexer HF/6m   2/440
Comet CF-706A
HF-6m/2-440 Duplexer
Comet CFX-324A
2m/220/440 Triplexer with leads
Comet CFX-324B
2m/220/440 Triplexer
Comet CFX-4310C
HF-VHF/UHF/GHZ Triplexer