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Antenna Accessories

Hustler QD-2
Quick Disconnect Connector for 3/8x24" Mounted Antennas
Hustler TLM
Trunk Lip Mount with Antennas using 3/8x24" base
Yaesu T-9101556
Rotor Control Cable for FT950/2000/3000/5000 Series
Comet CM-5M
4.5" Magnet Mount with UHF Connector and 13' of Cable.
Davis RF PS-18-100
100 ft. 18 Gauge Poly-STEALTH Antenna Wire
Diamond Antenna KB-144
Beam Side Mounting Bracket for A144S5
Easy-Up EZ 70
Vent Pipe Mount
Hustler MBM
Super Magnet Mount for 3/8x24 Stud Mounted Antennas
Hustler MO-4
22" Mobile Mast for use with RM -Series Resonators; 3 Retuning Rods Included,...
Hustler RVM
"RV" Mount. 1" Ball Mount on Right Angle Plate for 3/8X24 Antenna; Coax and...
Laird MB-8PST
NMO Permanent Brass Hole Mount
MFJ 66
Dip Meter Adapter for MFJ Analyzer
MFJ 916B
1.8-225 / 350-540 MHz Duplexer SO-239 Connectors
Radiowavz B-11A
1:1 Voltage Balun
Synthetic Textiles 100'3/16
100 ft. Black Dacron Polyester Rope 770+ lbs. Strength 3/16"
Diamond Antenna KB-430
Beam Side Mounting Bracket for A430S10
Hustler C-32
Chrome Plated 1.5" Ball Mount
Comet CR-5M
UHF Mount to PL-259 Trunk Lip Mount; 16.5' Cable