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Antenna Accessories

MFJ 1704N
4-Position Coax Antenna Switch with Surge Protection and Type-N Connectors
MFJ 1910
Telescoping Fiberglass Mast
MFJ 310
Clip Window Mount for BNC Handheld Antennas
MFJ 310S
Clip Window Mount for SMA Handheld Antennas
UHF 3" Magnet Mount
UHF 5" HD Magnet Mount
MFJ 336S
UHF Goliath Tri-Magnet Mount
MFJ 342S
UHF Mirror/Rack/Pipe Mount
MFJ 342T
3/8-24 Mirror/Rack/Pipe Mount
MFJ 344
3/8-24 Pipe/Mirror Horizontal Mount
MFJ 345
UHF Antenna Lip Mount with Cable
MFJ 347
HF Stick Mini-Dipole Mount 3/8 x 24
MFJ 4712
2-Position Remote Antenna Switch
MFJ 5114I
Icom Cable for MFJ-998 Intellituner
MFJ 5114K
Kenwood Cable for MFJ-998 Intellituner
MFJ 5114Y
Yaesu Cable for MFJ-998 Intellituner
MFJ 5124I
Icom Radio Cable for MFJ-991/993/994
MFJ 5124K
Kenwood Radio Cable for MFJ-991/993/994