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Antenna Accessories

Synthetic Textiles 100'5/16
100 ft. Black Dacron Polyester Rope 1790+ lbs. Strength 5/16"
Comet CK-3M
Deluxe 9'9" UHF Female to PL-259 Cable Assembly
Comet 5D4N
N-Type Connector Mobile Mount with 13' Low-Loss Cable
Comet L-3.5
80M Loading Coil for Comet UHV6
Diamond Antenna C-101-3/8C
Replacement Cable Assembly for Diamond K4003/8C
Diamond Antenna SP-1000PW
DC-1000 MHz, 400W PEP Lightning Protector, PL-259/SO-239 Connectors
Diamond Antenna SP-3000
DC-3000 MHz, 200W PEP Lightning Protector, N Female Connectors
Easy-Up EZ 31
Heavy Duty Adjustable Eaves Mount
Hy-Gain TSP-1
Tower Mounting Plate Kit
JSC 5942-100
Standard, 4-Wire; 4-20 Gauge Rotator Wire 100 Ft.
M2 Antennas 36" X 1/2"
Aluminum Mast (3/8 x 24 threaded): 36 in. long x 1/2 in. dia.
MFJ 336S
UHF Goliath Tri-Magnet Mount
MFJ 336T
3/8-24 Goliath Tri-Magnet Mount
MFJ 345
UHF Antenna Lip Mount with Cable
MFJ 802
Balanced Dipole Field Strength Meter
Radiowavz B-11ISO
1:1 In-Line RF Isolation Choke (UNUN)
Vectronics HPF-2
High-Pass Filter
Yaesu C-1000
GS-232B Cable for SDX's/5500 Rotator