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Antenna Accessories

Coaxial Dynamics 82008
1,000W (1KW) 2-30MHz Element; Also works in Bird Watt meters
Comet YS-45
Ground Mount Aluminum Tripod
Harger GBX976AE
NEMA 4X Waterproof Enclosure for GP1868.78AE
M2 Antennas 2M-2-PORT-PD
2M 2-Port Power Divider
M2 Antennas 70CM-2-PORT-PD
70CM 2-Port Power Divider
MFJ 1700C
Antenna and Transceiver Switch with Lightning Protection
MFJ 854
RF Current Meter
MFJ 904
80-10M 150W Travel Tuner
Yaesu TCXO-9
TCXO for FT817/FT857 Series & Original FT897; .5 ppm
Diamond Antenna SX-100
1.6-60 MHz SWR/Power Meter
Channel Master 9521A
Light Duty Antenna Rotator
LDG M-1000
Meter for AT-1000ProII Tuner
LDG M-600
Meter for AT-600ProII Tuner
LDG Z-817
QRP Automatic Antenna Tuner for FT-817
M2 Antennas STACK-KIT-70CM
Stacking Kit for Stacking (2) 432 HO Loop Antennas
MFJ 945E
Mobile Tuner
MFJ 959C
SWL Receiver Antenna Tuner/Pre-Amplifier
MFJ 971
Portable/QRP HF Antenna Tuner