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Antenna Accessories

M2 Antennas OR-2800PDC
Super Heavy Duty Antenna Rotator
M2 Antennas PS-2M
2M Polarity Switch Kit
M2 Antennas PS-70CM
70CM Polarity Switch Kit
Maldol HMC-35C
80/75M Loading Coil for Maldol HMC6S Antenna
MFJ 1700C
Antenna and Transceiver Switch with Lightning Protection
MFJ 1701
6-Position Coax Antenna Switch
MFJ 1702C
2-Position Coax Antenna Switch
MFJ 1702CN
2-Position Coax Antenna Switch with Type-N Connectors
MFJ 1703
Rig/Antenna RF Safety Switch
MFJ 1704
4-Position Coax Antenna Switch with Surge Protection
MFJ 1704N
4-Position Coax Antenna Switch with Surge Protection and Type-N Connectors
MFJ 1910
Telescoping Fiberglass Mast
MFJ 310
Clip Window Mount for BNC Handheld Antennas
MFJ 310S
Clip Window Mount for SMA Handheld Antennas
UHF 3" Magnet Mount
UHF 5" HD Magnet Mount
MFJ 336S
UHF Goliath Tri-Magnet Mount
MFJ 342S
UHF Mirror/Rack/Pipe Mount