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Antenna Accessories

Diamond Antenna MGC-50
Window Feed-Thru Assembly
Diamond Antenna DPK-4NM-N
N Connector Magnet Mount
Alpha Delta ATT-3G50U
Lightning Surge Protector 0-500MHz; 200W; UHF (SO-239)
Alpha Delta ATT-3G50U-HP
Lightning Surge Protector 0-500MHz; 2000W; UHF (SO-239)
Alpha Delta UCGC
Universal Copper Ground Rod Clamp
Comet CF-416A
2m/440 Duplexer
Comet CF-416B
2m/440 UHF/Type N duplexer
Davis RF CW-14-250
250 ft. 14 Gauge CopperWeld Antenna Wire
Davis RF PS-26-250
250 ft. 26 Gauge Poly-STEALTH Antenna Wire
Diamond Antenna C-211
Combo Kit of Diamond C101 and C110; SO-239 Mount and 16.5' Coax
Diamond Antenna CX-210A
2-Position Coax Antenna Switch
Diamond Antenna K-702M
Heavy-Duty Magnet Mount for most UHF Mount antennas under 50"
Diamond Antenna MX-72H
HF-2M/440 Duplexer
Diamond Antenna MX-72N
HF&2M/440 Duplexer
Diamond Antenna SPM-NMO
Magnet Mount for Antennas with NMO Base; 13' Coax to PL-259
Easy-Up EZ 48-3ABX
Tripod 3 ft. High, 8.5 lbs
Hustler 30-MTK
30M Add-on Kit for the Hustler 4BTV/5BTV
JSC 5971-100
Standard, 8-Wire; 2-18 Gauge and 6-22 Gauge Rotator Wire 100 Ft.