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Antenna Accessories

Ameritron RCS-8V
Product ID : AMRRCS8V
5-Position Remote Antenna Switch
Ameritron RCS-8VN
Product ID : AMRRCS8VN
5-Position Remote Antenna Switch with Type-N Connectors
Butternut A17-12
Product ID : BUTA1712
17/12M Kit for HF-6VX
Butternut CPK
Product ID : BUTCPK
Counterpoise Kit
Butternut STR-II
Stub Tuned Radial Kit
Butternut TBR-160S
Product ID : BUTTBR160S
160M Resonator Kit
Channel Master 9521A
Product ID : CHA9521A
Light Duty Antenna Rotator
Comet 106105
Product ID : CMT106105
RV Ladder Mount for 1.5” Masts
Comet CM-5M
Product ID : CMTCM5M
4.5" Magnet Mount with UHF Connector and 13' of Cable.
Comet CP-45
Product ID : CMTCP45
Aluminum Mast
Comet CP-5M
Product ID : CMTCP5M
Heavy-Duty UHF Mount to PL-259 Trunk Lip Mount; 16.75' Cable
Comet CP-5NMO
Product ID : CMTCP5NMO
Heavy-Duty NMO Mount to PL-259 Trunk Lip Mount; 16.75' Cable
Comet CSC-140J
Product ID : CMTCSC140J
SMA Female Connector on Flexible Suction Cup Mount; 9.75' Cable to Male SMA
Comet CT-5M
Product ID : CMTCT5M
Low-Profile Trunk Lip Mount; UHF Female to PL-259. 16.5'
Comet HD-5M
Product ID : CMTHD5M
Heavy-Duty UHF Female Trunk Lip Mount with 16.5' Cable
Comet L-14
Product ID : CMTL14
20M Loading Coil for Comet UHV6
Comet L-18
Product ID : CMTL18
17M Loading Coil for Comet UHV6
Comet L-3.5
Product ID : CMTL3.5
80M Loading Coil for Comet UHV6