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Antenna Accessories

Comet L-3.5
Product ID : CMTL3.5
80M Loading Coil for Comet UHV6
Comet LD-5M
Product ID : CMTLD5M
Light-Duty UHF Mount with 16'4" Coax
Comet RS-520
Product ID : CMTRS520
Small Light-Duty Lip Mount
Comet RS-660U
Product ID : CMTRS660U
Adjustable Roof Rack/Pipe Mount
Comet RS-720
Product ID : CMTRS720
Adjustable Lip Mount
Comet RS-720NMO
Product ID : CMTRS720NMO
Adjustable Lip Mount; for NMO Mounts
Comet RS-730
Product ID : CMTRS730
Heavy-Duty Adjustable Lip Mount
Comet RS-840
Product ID : CMTRS840
Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Adjustable Lip Mount
Comet YS-45
Product ID : CMTYS45
Ground Mount Aluminum Tripod
Cushcraft A-103
Product ID : CUSA103
30M Add-On kit for the Cushcraft A3WS Beam Antenna
Cushcraft A-743
Product ID : CUSA743
40/30M Add-On Kit for the Cushcraft A3/A3S Beam Antenna
Cushcraft A-744
Product ID : CUSA744
40/30M Add-On Kit for the Cushcraft A4/A4S Beam Antenna
Cushcraft PD-2
Product ID : CUSPD2
Power divider for stacking two Cushcraft 13B2 or 17B2 Beam Antennas.
Cushcraft PD-4
Product ID : CUSPD4
Power divider for stacking four Cushcraft 13B2 or 17B2 Beam Antennas.
Cushcraft R-8GK
Product ID : CUSR8GK
Guy Kit for Cushcraft R8 (and similar sized vertical antennas)
Cushcraft X-740
Product ID : CUSX740
40M Add-On kit for the Cushcraft X7 Beam Antenna
Daiwa CS-201
Product ID : DAICS201
2-Position Coax Antenna Switch
Daiwa CS-201GII
Product ID : DAICS201GII
2-Position Coax Antenna Switch with Type-N Connectors