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Antenna Accessories

Polyphaser IS-B50LU-C0
Bulkhead Mount Lightning Protector 1.5-400 MHz 2KW (HF)
Synthetic Textiles 350'
350 ft. Black Dacron Polyester Rope 770+ lbs. Strength 3/16"
Diamond Antenna K-400-3/8C
Trunk / Hatchback Lip Mount; 3/8"x24 Mount to PL-259 - 6.5' Cable
Diamond Antenna K-400C
Trunk / Hatchback Lip Mount; UHF Mount to PL-259 - 6.5' Cable
Diamond Antenna K-400CNMO
Trunk / Hatchback Lip Mount; NMO Mount to PL-259 - 6.5' Cable
Alpha Delta ATT-3G50B
Lightning Surge Protector 0-3GHz; 200W; N-Female; Bulkhead W/Mounting Hardware
Ameritron ADL-1500
Oil Cooled Dummy Load
Comet CF-530
HF-6m/2-440 Duplexer with leads.
Comet CF-706A
HF-6m/2-440 Duplexer
Comet CFX-5140
HF-6m/2m/440 Triplexer
Comet CFX-514J
HF/2m/440 Triplexer
Diamond Antenna SS-770R
Phasing Harness for Diamond 2M or 70cm Beam Antennas
MFJ 264
Dry Dummy Load
Radiowavz HP-B11C
1:1 High Power HF Choke Balun
Radiowavz HP-B11D
1:1 High Power HF Dipole Balun
Yaesu GS-065
65mm Thrust Bearing (1.5-2.5")
Alpha Delta DELTA-2B/N
Coax Switch 2-Position, with N-Type Connectors and rated up to 1.3 GHz
Coaxial Dynamics 82013
10W 25-60MHz Element; Also works in Bird Watt meters