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Antenna Accessories

Alpha Delta DELTA-C
Surge Protected Antenna Insulator Kit
Alpha Delta DELTA-CIN
Wire Antenna End Insulator
Alpha Delta GBWM
Copper Ground Bus Wall Mount
Alpha Delta SEP
Replacement Arc-Plug for Delta-C
Alpha Delta Tower Leg Mount
Tower Leg Mount to connect up to 4 Lightning Protectors
Alpha Delta UCGC
Universal Copper Ground Rod Clamp
Ameritron ADL-1500
Oil Cooled Dummy Load
Ameritron ADL-2500
High-Power Dry Dummy Load
Ameritron ATR-20
Antenna Tuner
Ameritron ATR-30
Legal Limit Antenna Tuner
Ameritron AWM-30B
1.8-30 and 6M SWR/Power Meter
Ameritron AWM-35B
1.8-30 and 6M Mobile SWR/Power Meter
Ameritron ICP-120
110V In-Rush Current Protector
Ameritron ICP-240
220V In-Rush Current Protector
Ameritron RCS-10
5-Position Remote Antenna Switch
Ameritron RCS-4
4-Position Remote Antenna Switch
Ameritron RCS-8V
5-Position Remote Antenna Switch
Ameritron RCS-8VN
5-Position Remote Antenna Switch with Type-N Connectors