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Antenna Accessories

Radiowavz B-11A
1:1 Voltage Balun
Radiowavz B-11ISO
1:1 In-Line RF Isolation Choke (UNUN)
Radiowavz B-14VA
4:1 Ruthroff Voltage Balun
Radiowavz B-19TX
9:1 Isolation Balun
Radiowavz HP-B11C
1:1 High Power HF Choke Balun
Radiowavz HP-B11D
1:1 High Power HF Dipole Balun
Radiowavz HP-B14C
4:1 High Power HF Current Balun
Radiowavz HP-B14VT
4:1 High Power Tuner Extender Balun
Radiowavz HP-B19LW
9:1 High Power Long Wire Balun
Radiowavz HP-ISOX
High Power RF Isolation Transformer
Storm Copper SCGB-HAM-6SK
Copper Ground Bar 2"w x 6"l 10 holes
Storm Copper SCGB-HAM-8SK
Copper Ground Bar 2"w x 8"l 16 holes
Premium Surge, Spike and Noise Suppressor
Tripp Lite SUPER-7
Protect It Surge Protector
Tripp Lite SUPER-7+TEL
Protect It Surge Protector with Telephone Protection
Vectronics LP-2500
High Power 52 Low-Pass Filter
Vectronics LP-30
52 Ohm Low-Pass Filter
W2AU 1:1 Balun
1:1 Voltage Balun