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Antenna Accessories

W2AU KW-12
12M Antenna Traps; Pair
W2AU KW-15
15M Antenna Traps; Pair
Comet CSC-140J
SMA Female Connector on Flexible Suction Cup Mount; 9.75' Cable to Male SMA
Hustler SSM-1
Heavy-Duty Ball and 4" Stainless Steel Spring Mount for 3/8x24" Antennas
W2AU KW-17
17M Antenna Traps; Pair
W2AU KW-20
20M Antenna Traps; Pair
Comet CF-4160N
HF-2m/350-540mhz; Type N Duplexer.
W2AU KW-30
30M Antenna Traps; Pair
W2AU KW-40
40M Antenna Traps; Pair
Duplexer with BNC Connector for LEO Satellite Antenna
Alpha Delta ATT-3G50
Lightning Surge Protector 0-3GHz; 200W; N-Female
Alpha Delta ATT-3G50-HP
Lightning Surge Protector 0-3GHz; 2000W; N-Female
Alpha Delta DELTA-2B
Coax Switch 2-Position, with SO-239 Connectors and rated up to 500 MHz
Comet CF-4130B
HF-440 / 800mhz-1400mhz duplexer
Comet LD-5M
Light-Duty UHF Mount with 16'4" Coax
Cushcraft R-8GK
Guy Kit for Cushcraft R8 (and similar sized vertical antennas)
Davis RF PS-18-250
250 ft. 18 Gauge Poly-STEALTH Antenna Wire
Diamond Antenna K-540KM
Mirror/Luggage Rack Mount; UHF Mount to PL-259 - 13' RG-58