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Antenna Accessories

Hustler 30-MTK
30M Add-on Kit for the Hustler 4BTV/5BTV
JSC 5971-100
Standard, 8-Wire; 2-18 Gauge and 6-22 Gauge Rotator Wire 100 Ft.
Laird GB-8PSTI
NMO Magnetic Mount
Laird TM-8PST
NMO Mini-Trunk Lid Mount
Larsen NMO-TLP
Low Profile NMO Trunk Mount with 17' Coax and PL-259 (Requires Soldering)
MFJ 250X
Versaload Dummy Load No Oil Included
Dry Dummy Load Type-N
MFJ 841
144 MHz HT SWR/Wattmeter
MFJ 9201
80-10M QRP Antenna Tuner
Storm Copper SCGB-HAM-6SK
Copper Ground Bar 2"w x 6"l 10 holes
Vectronics DL-300M
Dry Dummy Load
Yaesu GC-038
Antenna Rotator Mast Clamp for most Yaesu Rotors (See description for list)
Diamond Antenna DPK-4NM-N
N Connector Magnet Mount
Comet CF-4160J
2M/440 Duplexer.  UHF connectors.
Diamond Antenna MGC-50
Window Feed-Thru Assembly
Comet CF-416C
2m/440 Duplexer; Type N and UHF Connectors
Comet CTC-50M
Window/Door Coax Feed-Thru Adapter. SO-239 to SO-239.
Comet MG-4N
N-Female Connector Magnet Mount with 13' Cable; Terminates to N Male