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Antenna Accessories

Comet CFX-5140
HF-6m/2m/440 Triplexer
Comet CFX-514J
HF/2m/440 Triplexer
Comet CFX-514N
HF/2m/440 Triplexer
Comet CK-3 3/8-24
16.4' 3/8"x24 Mount to PL-259 Cable Kit
Comet CK-3M
Deluxe 9'9" UHF Female to PL-259 Cable Assembly
Comet CK-3M5
Deluxe 16'5" UHF Female to PL-259 Cable Assembly
Comet CK-3NMO
Deluxe 16'5" NMO to PL-259 Cable Assembly
Comet CK-5N
Deluxe 13' N-Female Connector to PL-259 Cable Assembly
Comet CMX-2300
Dual Cross-Over SWR Meters. Covers 1.8-200mhz and 140-525mhz.
Comet CR-5M
UHF Mount to PL-259 Trunk Lip Mount; 16.5' Cable
Comet CTC-50M
Window/Door Coax Feed-Thru Adapter. SO-239 to SO-239.
Comet HD-5 3/8-24
Heavy-Duty 3/8x24 Trunk Lip Mount with 16.5 Cable
Comet MG-4N
N-Female Connector Magnet Mount with 13' Cable; Terminates to N Male
Cushcraft LC-2KW
Replacement Cartridge for Cushcraft LAC4H/4NH
Daiwa CN-101
1.8-150 MHz Cross Needle SWR/Power Meter
Diamond Antenna C-101
SO-239 Mount to PL-259 Assembly; 6.5' RG-316
Diamond Antenna C-101-3/8C
Replacement Cable Assembly for Diamond K4003/8C
Diamond Antenna C-101-3/8C-KIT
Conversion/Replacement Kit for Diamond K4003/8C