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Diamond Antenna K-600S
Heavy-Duty Trunk Lip Mount; UHF Mount to SMA Male/PL-259
Comet LD-5M
Light-Duty UHF Mount with 16'4" Coax
Diamond Antenna K-540KM
Mirror/Luggage Rack Mount; UHF Mount to PL-259 - 13' RG-58
Diamond Antenna K-600M
Heavy-Duty Trunk Lip Mount; UHF Mount to PL-259
Larsen BSA-K
Convert NMO Mobile Antenna to Base Antenna
Larsen PO-MM
SO-239 Magnet Mount with 12' Coax to PL-259
MFJ 4601
Window Antenna Feed-Through Panel
Poles & Holders PNH-22-DELUXE
22 Foot Fiberglass Telescoping Mast
Comet CSC-140J
SMA Female Connector on Flexible Suction Cup Mount; 9.75' Cable to Male SMA
Hustler SSM-1
Heavy-Duty Ball and 4" Stainless Steel Spring Mount for 3/8x24" Antennas
Comet CTC-50M
Window/Door Coax Feed-Thru Adapter. SO-239 to SO-239.
Comet MG-4N
N-Female Connector Magnet Mount with 13' Cable; Terminates to N Male
Diamond Antenna MGC-50
Window Feed-Thru Assembly
Diamond Antenna DPK-4NM-N
N Connector Magnet Mount
Diamond Antenna C-211
Combo Kit of Diamond C101 and C110; SO-239 Mount and 16.5' Coax
Diamond Antenna K-702M
Heavy-Duty Magnet Mount for most UHF Mount antennas under 50"
Diamond Antenna SPM-NMO
Magnet Mount for Antennas with NMO Base; 13' Coax to PL-259
Easy-Up EZ 48-3ABX
Tripod 3 ft. High, 8.5 lbs