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Cable Kits

Comet 3D4M
UHF (SO-239) Mobile Mount with 13' Cable
Laird MB-8PST
NMO Permanent Brass Hole Mount
Comet CR-5M
UHF Mount to PL-259 Trunk Lip Mount; 16.5' Cable
Diamond Antenna C-110
Mini-UHF Female to Mini-UHF Male Cable; 10' RG8X
MFJ 341M
NMO Antenna Mount Cable Harness
MFJ 341S
UHF Antenna Mount Cable Harness
Diamond Antenna C-104SMA
SO-239 (UHF) to SMA Male Cable; 4' RG58
Diamond Antenna C-105SMA
Mini-UHF Male to SMA Male Cable; 5' RG58
Hustler L-14-240
20' RG-58 PL259 Cable to Lugs
Hustler L-14-144
12' RG-58 PL259 Cable to Lugs