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Mirage B-34G
2 Meter Amplifier; 1-8W In, 35W Out
Mirage B-5018G
2 Meter Amplifier; 50W In, 160W Out
Mirage BD-35
2m/70cm Amplifier; 7W In (2M,70cm), 45W (2M) & 35W (70cm) Out
Mirage D-1010ATVNR
ATV Repeater Amplifier
Mirage D-1010NR
440 MHz Repeater Amplifier
Mirage D-3010N
440MHz Amplifier
Mirage D-3010NR
440 MHz Repeater Amplifier
Mirage KP-1/440
430-450 MHz In-Shack Receive Preamp
Mirage KP-2/440
430-450 MHz Mast Mount Receive Preamp
Mirage RC-1
Remote Control Head
Mirage RC-2
Remote Control Head
Yaesu CT-118
Quadra Amp Control Cable for FT950, FT450 & FTDX1200
Yaesu CT-178
Quadra Amp Control Cable for FTDX3000D
Yaesu CT-58
Band Data Cable for Quadra System to FT100 , FT897 and FT857 Series Radios
HF/50 MHz Linear Amplifier with Automatic Antenna Tuner and Power Supply
Yaesu T-9207451
6.5' 10 Pin Cable to Bare Wires