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AES Catalog

We have decided to discontinue the print catalog. All of our efforts will now be concentrated into our website. We appreciate all the years you've used our catalog as the main reference source for your purchases. However, the internet has changed the way people shop. That's why we are now dedicated to having a website that will provide you with everything you need to know to make your next purchase. We've already planned some new enhancements to our website for 2014 and look forward to sharing them with you as soon as possible.


Final AES Catalog Digital Download

Front Cover

We are leaving up the digital version of the 2013 Spring/Summer catalog for the time being. Please remember that it was published in the spring of 2013 and there are many price and product changes. 

2013 Spring/Summer Catalog - Flash Catalog

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Works great with iPad/iPhone and Android Devices!


2013 Spring/Summer Catalog - PDFs by Section

Front and Back Covers (1.0 M)

Front Cover: Kenwood TS-990
Inside Cover: Icom ID-51A
Inside Back Cover: Icom IC-7100
Back Cover: Heil Sound

Price Guide (470 K) Pages 1-21

Page 1: Product Locator
Pages 2-21: Product Guide A-Z (No Prices)

Ham Radios (2.2 M) Pages 22-36

Pages 22-23: Alinco, Jetstream, MFJ, Wouxun
Pages 24-27: Icom Radios and Accessories
Pages 28-29: Kenwood Radios and Accessories
Pages 30-33: Yaesu Radios and Accessories
Pages 34-36: Comparison Charts

Radio Accessories (3.6 M) Pages 37-52

Page 37: AES Accessory Mounts
Pages 38-39: Power Supplies & Accessories: MFJ, Ameritron, Astron, Daiwa, Samlex, Diamond, Powerwerx, PowerFilm Solar Panels
Page 40: Power Outlets, Batteries, Chargers: Tripp Lite, Tenergy, MAHA, MFJ, Philmore, West Moutain Radio
Page 41: Powerpole Accessories: West Mountain Radio, PowerWerx
Pages 42-43: RF Amplifiers and Accessories: Ameritron, Transmitting Tubes, Mirage
Pages 44-46: Microphones, Headsets, Speakers & Accessories: Heil Sound, MFJ, Koss, West Mountain Radio, Kenwood, Yaesu, Midland, Gap
Page 47: DSP, Tone, Repeaters, D-Star: Timewave, Communications Specialists, Yaesu, Icom, Internet Labs
Pages 48-49: Keys, Keyers, CW Readers: MFJ, Kent, Unified Microsystems, Better RF, Bencher, Ameco, Vibroplex
Pages 50-51: Digital Interfaces, Packet, Accessories: West Mountain Radio, MFJ, Kantronics, Unified Microsystems, Timewave, W4RT Accessories
Page 52: Software, USB Cables, Quick Reference Guides, HT Stand: RT Systems, Nifty

Antenna Advertisements (3 M) Pages 53-68

Pages 53-68: AES Superfest, Programing Software, Antennas: RT Systems, Gap, Comet, Maldol, Diamond, Larsen, Hustler

Antennas (1.7M) Pages 69-79

Page 69: Cushcraft
Page 70: HF Mobile Antennas
Page 71: Alpha Delta
Page 72: Hygain
Page 73: Limited Space Antennas: MFJ, Davis RF, Isotron
Pages 74-75: HF Wire Antennas & Accessories: Radio Wavz, Unadilla, Radio Oasis, Buckmaster, JSC, AES, MFJ, Synthetic Textiles, WA1FFL
Pages 76-77: Mobile HF Antennas & Mounts: Tarheel, MFJ, Jetstream, Yaesu, Turbo Tuner, Outbacker, Elk, Arrow, Hy-Gain
Page 78: HF / VHF / UHF Antennas, HF Vertical Antennas: M2, Laird, Solarcon (A99), Butternut, MFJ
Page 79: Mobile & Handheld Antennas: Radio Wavz, Miracle Antenna, MFJ, Smiley

Antenna Accessories (3.4 M) Pages 80-97

Page 80: Masts, Tripods, Portable Antenna Mounts: MFJ, Easy-up, Poles & Holders, Comet, Guy Tie
Page 81: Towers & Fiberglass Masting: US Tower, Universal Towers, Glen Martin, MFJ
Pages 82-83: Rotators: Hy-Gain, Yaesu, M2, Channel Master, ECG
Pages 84-88: Antenna Tuners & Accessories: Icom, SGC, Vectronics, MFJ, LDG, Ameritron, Comet, Palstar, Better RF
Pages 89-91: SWR Meters, Wattmeters and Antenna Analyzers: MFJ, W4RT, Palstar, Timewave, Coaxial Dynamics, Daiwa, Diamond, Vanco, Ameritron, Vectronics
Page 92: Coax & Accessories: JSC, Times Microwave, Belden, Davis RF, Velleman, Aim, Cable X-perts
Page 93: Connectors: Amphenol, CZL, Shakesphere, Cable X-perts, Aim, Vanco, Jetstream, MFJ, RF Parts, House of Deals, Philmore, Delbani
Page 94: Antenna Switches, Duplexers / Triplexers, Weather Protection: Alpha Delta, Diamond, Daiwa, MFJ, Ameritron, Comet, Diamond, Coax seal, Cross Devices, Penetrox
Page 95: Grounding Equipment: Polyphaser, Cable X-perts, Kleinhuis, Alpha Delta, Storm Copper, Harger, AES, MFJ
Page 96: Low/High Pass Filters, RFI Information, Portable Packs: Bencher, MFJ, Vectronics, Ameco, Palomar Engineers, ARRL, Bongo Ties
Page 97: QSL Card Holders, Flashlight, Ham & Wifi Antennas: Artsci, Sticky Pad, PDK, House of Deals, MFJ, Comet

Publications (1.7 M) Pages 98-103

Page 98: Study Guides: ARRL
Pages 99-102: Amateur Radio Information, Operating Aids, Maps, Magazines: ARRL, Artsci, Daave Ingram, Wiley (..For Dummies books), Sequoia, CQ
Page 103: Study Guides: Gordon West & W5YI

Other Radios (1.4 M) Pages 104-111

Page 104: CB Radios: Cobra, Uniden
Page 105: CB Antennas & Accessories, Aircraft Radio, Base Camp Radio, Discone Antennas: Cobra, Hustler, Larsen, Midland, Solarcon, K40, Icom, Diamond
Pages 106-108: Scanners, Shortwave Radios, Antennas & Accessories: Uniden, Icom, AOR, Alpha Delta, W5YI, Monitoring Times Magazine, Hustler, Larsen
Page 109: Receiving Aids: MFJ
Pages 110-111: Shortwave AM/FM Radios, Internet Radios & Accessories: Grundig, C. Crane, Sangean, Tweaked, Nifty

Audio Video/Tools/Weather (1.3 M) Pages 112-116

Pages 112-113: Weather Stations & Accessories, Clocks, Weather Radios: LaCrosse, Davis, Midland
Page 114: Television & AM/FM Antennas, AV Acc., Wireless Camera, Megaphone: Winegard, Vanco, Terk, ECG, Velleman
Pages 115-116: Tools, Clocks, Electronic Lab Kits: Velleman, Weller, Kester, Wahl, LaCrosse, MFJ, Vectronics

AES Information (300 K) Pages 117-120

Page 117: Store location & Maps
Page 118: Order Blank
Page 119: Policies
Page 120: Manufacturer Information

Complete Catalog in PDF Format (20 M)