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M2 Antennas 23CM-22EZA
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Price: $259.95
Product ID : MSQ23CM22EZA
Manufacturer: M2 Antennas
Milwaukee: In stock
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Item Description

23CM (1.2 GHz) 22-Element Yagi Antenna

Detailed Description

The element design is stamped out, holding spacing and element lengths to .003" tolerance. Excellent directivity and a very clean pattern, perfect for high gain stacked arrays. Applications are long haul tropo, EME, ATV, repeater, base station and OSCAR operations. Also handy for "hill-topping" and portable ops because of its modest size, weight, simple construction and rear mounting. The broad band folded dipole driven element design is unique, with a balun and matching inside the folded dipole itself. External connections are limited to a single O-ring sealed "N" feed. Internal connections are sealed in a machined and aluminum brazed housing.
# of Elements: 22
Frequency Range: 1250-1300 MHz
Gain: 18.2 dBi 1290-1300 MHz
Front to Back: 28 dB
Beam Width: E=24° / H=24°
Feed Type: Folded Dipole
Feed Impedance: 50 Ohms Unbalanced
VSWR: 1:1
Input Connector: "N" Female
Boom Length: 70 in.
Max Element Length: 4.5 in.
Turning Radius: 68 in.
Stacking Distance: 23 in. high & 23 in.wide
Mast Size: 1 1/4 in.- 2 in.
Wind area / Survival: 0.3 sq ft. / 100 MPH
Weight: 2 lbs.

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