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MFJ 1728B
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Price: $26.95
Product ID : MFJ1728B
Manufacturer: MFJ
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Item Description

2M / 6M 5/8-Wave Magnet Mount Antenna

Detailed Description

5/8-Wave on 2M and 1/4-wave on 6M. Gives you great "Magic band" signals used for mobile or as a base station antenna. Its perfect for your mobile or HT. Free BNC handheld adapter. Its rated at 300 Watts PEP - its amplifier ready Low SWR lets your transceiver deliver full power safely. A Heavy duty magnet mount holds your antenna tight at highway speeds. You get 12 feet of coax and a stainless steel radiator that will endure years of harsh mobile use. Easy to take down with an Allen wrench.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jzorns
jzorns bought "MFJ 1728B" on our website
07/05/2013 - 12:26:42 AM
Great antenna. Great performance. Fair price.
When I got my first one of these, back in the 90s, it was sold as a single band 2m antenna. Now that we have 6m mobiles, it is also marketed as a 6m antenna. That's a shame, as if someone is looking for a single band 2m 5/8 wave, he will not find it, as I almost didn't.

When I first put this on my car and hooked up my HT to it, through the excellent BNC adapter, it did not perform. No, I didn't have to do any fancy tuning. I had not screwed the radiator support tightly enough into the base. The contact was not being made. One has to screw these parts together with all of one's might to make that connection, or lightly pry up the sprung part of the contact.

There is a gasket, that keeps the contact dry, which must be compressed. Make that screwed together connection as tight as possible, using only dry hands, and you should be OK. If not, pry the sprung contact open a bit more and try again.

You will be rewarded with the strongest possible signal from a 2m mobile. (short of some exotic yagi that cannot take the wind)

Speaking of wind, I've had this one up to 80 mph so far on top of my Accord, and it has not blown over.

I feel that this antenna with a 5W HT will give equivalent performance to a 1/4 wave whip with a 25 W mobile.

Back when I had a mobile rig with the similar antenna to this, I found that I could not hit any further repeaters by going to higher power levels. It's just that the distant repeaters got a slightly clearer signal on the higher power level. (I ran it up to 50 W, but normally left it on whatever the low power setting of my Yaesu 2m mobile at that time.)

The radiator whip is brushed stainless steel, unpainted. It has a nice little tip to it that is not sharp. The radiator is retained in its support by two allen set screws, (wrench included) placed at 90 degree angles from one another. That metal retainer is in a sturdy plastic base, which screws down and makes the contact with the mag mount part. The contacts are gold plated. The connector hardware is good quality all around. Ditto with the cable. They could have used a slightly more flexible type of coax, but that is being nitpicky.

The only question left is whether you are man enough to put this big, dorky mag mount whip on your car, or if you want to try to fly under the radar with a lower-performing 1/4 wave. ;)

With this antenna on my car, I can copy repeaters 50 miles away with about 30% fuzz. With my 5.5 W HT, I can hit average (i.e. not mountain-top) repeaters 20-40 miles away. (the ones on 800' high locations at 40 miles or more, and the ones on 100' high towers, less)

I highly recommend this antenna. This is for the guy who wants that high performance 2m antenna and is willing to have a pretty tall-but-affordable antenna to do so.

I also have a 1/4 wave MFJ slim mag mount, against which I compared this one. This one is clearly superior performing.