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Kenwood TM-281A
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Price: $137.95
Product ID : KENTM281A
Manufacturer: Kenwood
Milwaukee: In stock
Orlando: In stock
Cleveland: In stock
Las Vegas: In stock
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Item Description

$25 Instant Coupon 2M FM Transceiver

Detailed Description

Price shown is after $25 manufacturer instant coupon. Coupon expires 3/31/2016 and valid only within USA.

On or off the road, Kenwood's TM-281A is a mobile radio you can always count on. As tough as nails, this MIL-STD-compliant transceiver delivers powerful performance, excellent audio clarity, and a host of advanced features. It offers superb operating ease day or night thanks to the large backlit LCD and illuminated keys. So the next time you take off, take the TM-281A.

General Features:
• High power 65W output
• Weather Alert
• Large Front Speaker
• Vivid amber LCD display with 32-step brightness control
• 200 memory channels, plus one call channel
• 6 alphanumeric characters offers 100 memory channels
• Multiple scan functions
• CTCSS & DCS Encoder/Decoder
• U.S. MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G

• Microphone
• DC Power Cable
• Fuse (Blade)
• Mounting Bracket
• Screw Set
• Microphone Hanger
• Warranty Card
• Instruction Manual

Dim: 6.3"w x 1.7"h x 5.4"d; 2.6 lbs.

Download Manual: TM-281A

Download Brochure: TM-281A

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cubcadet
10/15/2014 - 08:03:50 PM
Good Basic Mobile Radio
I have had a great time talking on the Kenwood TM-281 and would gladly recommend it to somebody. Of course, being a new operator, and having not developed any personal favoritisms on which rig to buy, etc., I don`t suffer from any pre-conceived notions.
After having been a CB operator and able to concentrate on explicit instruction, Mobile operation is my element and the instruction manual was easy enough to decipher (it took me 2 afternoons, LOL). Whether this rig will be able to handle being used on the dusty back roads in northeastern Pennsylvania in a 4x4 pickup truck remains to be seen.
I have made numerous mistakes programming it. One word to those considering purchasing this rig is, if stuff isn`t working when you program it, remember to first, before you rip it out and chuck it out the window in frustration, you can erase all your programs by re setting the memories to the default setting.
If you want to operate, seat of your pants, like I do, buy the Hustler SF-2 with the radio. Follow the trim instructions exactly. I snipped off exactly 1 inch at the base of the stainless steel whip (do not cut off the tiny steel knob at the top), and settled it down into the base coil as far as it would go and tightened up the set screws, and I was on 2 meters. I was able to talk simplex on 146.52 MHz to a man who was 45 miles north of me. Talked to a repeater about 85 miles to the south.
Only thing I`ve noticed about this small radio that is very important and should be stressed in the operator`s manual- if you rag chew, it will get very hot. Keep it on the low power setting, whenever poss. Mount it away from carpet, plastic, stray wires, etc.. Take a break for 5 minutes and you`ll be fine. This rig is built on a massive cast alloy chassis, with plenty of cooling fins, considering it`s size. Just pay attention to the duty cycle. My manual gives instructions for a time out timer function on p. 62. The default time is 10 minutes and you can set it for 3, 5, or 10 min..
I have found that when the volume is too high, especially when receiving a digital signal, the speaker sets up an annoying vibration between it and the plastic cover. I just turn it down and it goes away. Small inconveniences, very easy to live with, considering it`s size and price range.
This radio is a good beginning investment for beginners or seasoned operators that want to get into 2 meters.
Reviewed by ka3pmw
05/28/2014 - 01:43:47 PM
I have this radio and am verry happy with it. I plan to get three more in the near future. I use the weather alert all the time. It allows me to stay on the repeater and notifys me when there is a Skywarn call up. I am currently using it at home and moving it to my truck when needed. I will soon get one for my truck and replace my 271 in the camper with one. My wife wants one for her car too.
Reviewed by lordsirios
05/17/2014 - 02:13:39 AM
great radio
This is my second rig my ht being my first and I could not be happier, great recieve and even at low power I get great range and good clarity and signal strength reports . And the front speaker is a god send windows at 70, mph and I have no prob hearing it.

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